Victory II F/W 2012

BeezyHoe's New Video

Check out the most anticipated video by BeezyHOE, California artist off that Elevator Music Group, DOCe Representative. To download BEEZY2TIMES "OLDIES" click HERE

A Day in the Life: Kid Ink

Here is a video showing "a day in the life" of Kid Ink. You can see him wearing the MASK crew neck sweat shirt. We would like to thank him on always showing us love. If you would like to know more about Kid Ink, check out his Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Kid Ink's New Video "Tuna Roll"

As you may be able to tell, Kid Ink showed some love to the DOCe crew. In his latest video he wears the Rebels Hoody from "The Art of Rebellion 2" collection. Check him and his crew out and show some love.

Skeptik and K. Stackz: Smoke That

Here is a new video from another two artist who we sponsor, Skeptik and K. Stackz, called "Smoke That." Also make sure you follow them on twitter @SKEPTIKMC and @KSTACKZ. Hope you all like it.

Elus "Go Hard"

Check out one of our sponsored artist Elus's video "Go Hard" showing DOCe love rocking our "Pig" T enjoy!!

Triboro "Video Game" Video

Check out one of our sponsored artist Elus and his team Triboro showing us love on his video "Video Game" enjoy!!

The Making of "2nd Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises"

This is the new, and second trailer for the movie "The Dark Knight Rises." It looks like it's going to be a really good movie. It will feature Catwoman and Bane as the the enemies. The film will be in theaters July 20th, 2012.

The Making of "Making the Invisible Visible"

Making the Invisible Visible is an Amnesty International street art project which focuses on six people who suffered human rights abuse. The project was done by the collaboration between German street art collective Mentalgassi and creative team Lisa Jellife and Kirsten Rutherford from Wieden and Kennedy London.

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